im hanging from a tree with a ringing in in my ears and a sort of daze as i decide to eject i fall to the floor i stand up as if i know were i am with earth benith my feet as in peel back the jungle derbies as i make my way through […]

im hanging from a tree with a sort of daze and a wringing in my ears with steel rods  poking out of my stomach as i decide to eject .  I tumble to the flour with the earth benith my feet I  stand up as if i k now were i am i peel back […]

PIGS HEAD:”fancy that the beast is something you could kill”.The two most influential words in this quote are ” FANCY” this means ins the quote top be surprised in a way the second word is the “BEAST ” the beast is a noun the beast is referred to a the “PIGS HEAD” due to the […]


In this  I will be writing about the subject of power and politics and corruption I will be giving 5 examples in in this post one of the reasons why corruption can be caused In the real world is hierarchy in the government and the police places like Mexico were the police uses the tactic “intimidation” […]

  The power in animal farm is kept through a series of methods. In my own opinion the most important reason why Napoleon maintains power in animal farm is by using a tactic called (“manipulation”) he uses tactic by being escorted by dogs every were he goes he does not go out very often he […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway